Just My Opinion – A Public Service Announcement

The 2023 General Election, which will take place on November 7, 2023, may seem a long time from today and not worthy of much thought or consideration.  However, depending on your chosen level of political involvement in your community, the time to act could be fast approaching.  You may decide to run for political office or encourage someone else to step forward to serve their community while you support their effort.  If so, there is important work to be done to place your name, or any name, on a ballot.

A petition must be filled out and endorsed by a predetermined number of signatures by valid registered voters in the appropriate jurisdiction.  Every petition must be notarized and submitted to the Fulton County Board of Elections (FCBE) by 4:00 p.m. on August 9, 2023.  The petitions will then be reviewed by FCBE staff personnel to ensure compliance with Ohio Election Law.  If any petition is rejected for errors, such as an invalid signature, the process will be allowed to start again but the deadline will remain the same.

If the deadline is missed, an individual is allowed to file with the FCBE to be a write-in candidate.  The deadline for write-in candidates is 4:00 p.m. August 28, 2023.  A blank line will appear on the ballot for voters wishing to write in one of those candidates.  By the way, spelling counts.

I will always encourage everyone of legal age and qualified to register and vote to ensure their voice will be heard.  To have a stronger voice to help enact change or shape how you and your fellow citizens are governed, you will need to become more involved.  In smaller communities, such as we have here in Fulton County, filling ballots and making them competitive can be a struggle, leading to individuals to run unopposed or being appointed.  This essentially, denies the voters a true say in who runs their community.   Finding quality candidates is an even greater challenge but so vital to the welfare of every community.

To begin the process, if you are interested, I would recommend you visit the FCBE, located in Wauseon at 135 Courthouse Plaza just behind the Sheriff’s Office on the west side of Fulton Street.  Their hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.  Their phone number is 419-335-6841 and their email is fulton@ohiosos.gov.

For information purposes, below is a list of seats that will be contested this November. Listing the incumbents in this editorial is not meant to be, in any way, a reflection on their performance while in office.

Fulton County Ohio Open Election Seats
PositionJurisdictionIncumbentPetition SignaturesFiling Fee
MayorArchbold Bradley Grime50 $    30.00
MayorDeltaFrank Wilton50 $    30.00
MayorFayetteDavid Borer10 $    30.00
MayorLyonsAndrea Gleckler10 $    30.00
MayorMetamoraRichard Sauerlender10 $    30.00
MayorSwantonNeil Toeppe50 $    30.00
MayorWauseonKatherine Huner50 $    45.00
CouncilArchboldKarla Ball50 $    30.00
CouncilArchboldKevin Eicher50 $    30.00
CouncilArchboldKevin Morton50 $    30.00
CouncilDeltaAnthony Dawson50 $    30.00
CouncilDeltaLynn Frank50 $    30.00
CouncilDeltaChad Johnson50 $    30.00
CouncilFayetteSuzette Boesger10 $    30.00
CouncilFayetteDavid Wheeler10 $    30.00
CouncilLyonsNelson Ebarnhiser10 $    30.00
CouncilLyonsJohn Good10 $    30.00
CouncilMetamoraJohn Hudik10 $    30.00
CouncilMetamoraKaron Lane10 $    30.00
CouncilSwantonDavid Pilliod50 $    30.00
CouncilSwantonDianne Westhoven50 $    30.00
CouncilWauseonShane Chamberlin50 $    45.00
CouncilWauseonScott Stiriz50 $    45.00
CouncilWauseonBrandon Tijerina50 $    45.00
TWP TrusteeAmboyThomas Herr25 $    30.00
TWP TrusteeChesterfieldClark Emmons25 $    30.00
TWP TrusteeClintonLarry Neuenschwander25 $    30.00
TWP TrusteeDoverLarry Burkholder25 $    30.00
TWP TrusteeFranklinMichael Kinsman25 $    30.00
TWP TrusteeFultonScott Gillen25 $    30.00
TWP TrusteeGermanKennet Leupp25 $    30.00
TWP TrusteeGorhamEliot Richardson25 $    30.00
TWP TrusteePikeJon Ehrsam25 $    30.00
TWP TrusteeRoyaltonNeil Shaw25 $    30.00
TWP TrusteeSwancreekGene Wilson25 $    30.00
TWP TrusteeYorkMark Jones25 $    30.00
BOE MemberAnthony WayneJeffrey Baden25 $    30.00
BOE MemberAnthony WaynePam Brint25 $    30.00
BOE MemberAnthony WayneJayna Reagan25 $    30.00
BOE MemberArchboldJeremy Hurst25 $    30.00
BOE MemberArchboldTyson Stuckey25 $    30.00
BOE MemberEvergreenNora Kiefer25 $    30.00
BOE MemberEvergreenZachary Murry25 $    30.00
BOE MemberFayetteRyan Eberly25 $    30.00
BOE MemberFayetteKirk Keiser25 $    30.00
BOE MemberFayetteJason Kessler25 $    30.00
BOE MemberLiberty CenterJeff Benson25 $    30.00
BOE MemberLiberty CenterTodd Spangler25 $    30.00
BOE MemberPDYJames Bower25 $    30.00
BOE MemberPDYAlice Simon25 $    30.00
BOE MemberPDYTamara Sprow25 $    30.00
BOE MemberPettisvilleBrent King25 $    30.00
BOE MemberPettisvilleScott Rupp25 $    30.00
BOE MemberSwantonBenjamin Remer25 $    30.00
BOE MemberSwantonDavid Smith25 $    30.00
BOE MemberWauseonLarry Fruth25 $    30.00
BOE MemberWauseonStacia Radabaugh25 $    30.00

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