Delta Archery Club Holds Annual Tournament

This past Saturday, the Delta Panthers Archery Club hosted 520 students from 16 school districts and three states, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio for their annual archery tournament. The Delta Archery Team, comprised of 42 students, is a part of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP).  As described it its website, NASP is an in-school program aimed at improving educational performance among students in grades 4-12.  Students learn focus, self-control, discipline, patients, and the life lessons required to be successful in the classroom and in life.

Delta is also a member of the 13-team Black Swamp Archery League which includes Ayersville, Delta, Fayette, Fairview, Hicksville, Hilltop, Holgate, Liberty Center, Montpelier, Patrick Henry, Stryker, Tinora and Wauseon.  Officially, school archery teams are associated with their school districts as a “club” sport.

At the Delta Tournament, competitive categories were divided into elementary school, middle school and high school and then by gender for a total of six team trophies to be awarded.  Individual medals were awarded to the top three placers in each of the six categories.  In the competition format there were 11 rounds of 46 archers shooting at 23 targets that had 50 minutes to complete a round.  Archers shot three scoring rounds from 10 meters and three scoring rounds from 15 meters with a maximum total score of 300.  A preliminary practice round was given at both distances.

As far as the rest of the season, “We’ll be taking next week off then will be competing every weekend into March,” said Delta head coach Mitch Cousino.

Click on the link above to access photos from the tournament. Photos are in the jpeg format to allow for editing and can be downloaded for NO CHARGE courtesy of the website.

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