Liberty Center Freshman Rolls 300 Game in Swanton

The Swanton Sports Center, after reopening under new ownership, welcomed back high school bowling approximately eight years ago.  From then, until the start of the 2022-2023 NWOAL Bowling season, no high school bowler had ever thrown a perfect score of 300.  That is, until senior Lexi Brown of the Delta Lady Panthers accomplished that feat on December 2nd, during the first match of the year against Liberty Center.  Just ten days later, freshman Wesley Wilhelm of the Liberty Center Tigers matched that rare and elusive score by rolling the first 300 of his very early career against the Swanton Bulldogs.

“I was pretty nervous.  It’s the first one I’ve ever thrown.  I’ve come pretty close to it, getting into the eight or ninth frame but couldn’t do it,” said Wesley.  “I tried not to think about tonight, just throw strikes.”  Wesley followed up his perfect game with a 234 for a 534 two-game series.

“He’s only a freshman and he’s a heck of a bowler,” commented Liberty coach Bruce Engler.  His Mom and Dad both bowl and he has a lot of talent.”  Wesley carried a 207 average after six games into the match on Monday which is pretty impressive in its own right. 

Photo: Wesley Wilhelm

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