Just My Opinion – Military Veterans Never Stop Serving

You may be surprised to know that today, in America, individuals who have served their country as a member of the armed forces, make up only 7.3% of the population.  A far cry from the 18% we counted and counted on in 1980.  And yet, they seem to be everywhere, still serving, in some way, in some local capacity.

Many simply exchange their soldier’s uniform for one in law enforcement or fire and rescue departments, safe-keeping their community from home instead of some far-off location.  Others join post-military social organizations like the American Legion or the V.F.W. (Veterans of Foreign Wars) where they become an integral part of their town or neighborhood running benevolent projects to take care of their less fortunate fellow Americans or helping wherever needed.  You can also find Veterans on the rosters of community service organizations like the Lions Club, the Rotary and on city/town/village councils and school boards.

Veterans man the color guards you see at parades, football games and other events while the American Flag is raised to the top of the pole, reminding all of us what a great country it is we live in and as a subtle reminder of who has had responsibility for maintaining that freedom.

The number of Veterans, however, is shrinking.  In large part, due to the fact we now rely more on technology than people to defend our country.  But also, the conflicts we find ourselves in today are, in comparison to World Wars I and II, thankfully much less engaged.  And we have Veterans to thank for that.

Tomorrow, November 11th, is Veterans Day and there will be celebrations all around the country to honor the men and women who served our United States of America.  It will be a great opportunity to thank them for making the decision to defend and protect us and our way of life.  It will also be a chance to thank the Veterans for still being here for us long after fulfilling their commitment.

Pictured Below:  Lieutenant Colonel Robert Janes, U.S. Army Retired, Swanton American Legion

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