Special Recognition Given to Members of Swanton Fire and Rescue Department

At the September 12th Swanton Village Council meeting, a proclamation was read and signed by Mayor Neil Toeppe giving special recognition to three members of the Swanton Fire and Rescue Department for their recent life-saving performance while on duty.  The proclamation read as follows:

On August 22, 2022, the Swanton Fire & Rescue Team consisting of Paramedic Nicholas Rohrs, Firefighter/EMT Colin Fessenden, and EMT Jillian Bozarth, responded to a full arrest call on 401 W. Airport Highway.  These men and this woman operated seamlessly to provide excellent patient care.

A Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC) was achieved on the scene and again in-route to the hospital.  Excellent Basis Life Support (BLS) set this patient up to receive Advanced Life Support (ALS) care. The patient was delivered to St. Luke’s with a pulse and began to breath on his own after being clinically dead upon arrival.

The Village of Swanton recognizes these men and this woman for their immediate actions and sound judgment while performing an emergency life-saving procedure to another.  Working in the field of Public Safety can often be a thankless job, however, we are appreciative and thankful for our Swanton Fire & Rescue Department.  The sacrifices they make as employees and their families make as well, will never go unnoticed.

Pictured (L to R):  Nicholas Rohrs, Jillian Bozarth, Colin Fessenden

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