Fulton County Media (FCM)

The Fall high school sports season, the busiest of the three, has begun in earnest. During this time, FCM, a website and blog, will be covering as many events possible with photography and brief write-ups of as many Fulton County events possible with our one-man staff. All photographs will be placed into Google Photos files and will be in a jpeg format that will allow for any type of editing. Each file can be accessed through a link that will appear in a posting.

If you chose to follow the blog through fultoncountymedia.com, you will be notified by e-mail of every posting. There is NO CHARGE to follow the blog. Posted photos can be downloaded to your computer, also for NO CHARGE and there will be no watermarks. All postings can be found after opening the website and selecting MENU/BLOG or just BLOG and paging down.

Postings in FCM will also include occasional village council and school board articles, feature articles, human interest stories, editorials and ribbon cutting ceremonies.

One comment

  • Bill – THANK YOU for the valuable service you provide all of the residents of Fulton County, and especially those of us in Swanton. As an unsung hero, I believe you very nearly single-handedly got the Village Council Gestapo to hide their heads like an Ostrich, and then run like cowards, when you so accurately spotlighted their actions and encouraged others to seek seats on Council. From what I’ve observed, and what Neil has told me, we’re now back to a normal balanced local administration. NICE WORK~!!! (Do you think you could work your Magic on Washington DC?????)

    Please keep up the great work, and know that it is very much appreciated.

    Best Regards, Mick Bryan


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