New Delta Pool Unlikely as Village Council Discusses Community Park Survey Results

At the August 15th Delta Village Council meeting, results of the recent Delta Community Park survey were discussed with the primary focus on questions related to the pool.  Prior to analyzing the numbers, Village Administrator Brad Peebles addressed the issue of a significant number of residents not receiving the survey questionnaire in the mail.

“We received 110 (questionnaires) of the approximately 1200 that were mailed.  It does appear that there is a lack of understanding on the part of the U.S. Postal Service’s Delta office as to where the Village limits are. We have provided them with maps and helpful information so they know exactly where the boundaries of the Village are.  There are areas of the Village that did not receive these,” explained Mr. Peebles.

Each of the Council members had a copy of the tabulated numbers from survey. 

Question #1 – Do you members of your family use the public pool in the park?  YES = 48  NO = 62

Question #2 – If you don’t, would you if there were new or additional attractions such as slides, infant wading pool, splash areas, rock climbing wall?  YES = 24  NO = 62

Question #3 – Would you support a NEW property tax levy if placed on the ballot to support a new pool with an estimated cost $4M to $4.5M which would require 6.5 mills ($227.50 for each $100,000 of value) for 20 years?   YES = 39  NO = 71

Question #4 – Would you support a NEW tax levy to make the required repairs and renovations to reopen the current pool in the amount of 3 mills ($105 for each $100,000 of value) for 10 years, estimated repair costs of $1.2M?  YES = 57  NO = 49

Question #5 – Do you believe the pool should be eliminated completely?  YES = 38  NO = 69

A NOTE included in the survey said, “If a new pool were constructed, additional operating funds would be needed to adequately staff. This would require a minimum of an additional 1 mill ($35.00 for each $100,000 of value) levy to support the operation.” Total millage for a new pool would be 7.5 mills ($262.50 for each $100,000 of value).

“You can see the numbers pretty much speak for themselves as far as the responses,” said Mr. Peebles.  “Council is going to have to make some decisions on how you want to go forward on planning.  Based upon this, it’s pretty apparent that if there is to be any pool updates it’s going to be to your existing pool.  That’s basically what the survey indicates they would support if they were to vote on it.”

The survey also included questions related to other activities in the park.

Question #6 – Does your family have anyone active in the Delta Youth Leagues?  YES = 41  NO = 68   Baseball (13), Softball (9), Soccer (19)

Question #7 – Do you find the fields adequate?  YES = 82  NO = 17

Recommended improvements for the fields included better dugouts, more field lighting, better field maintenance, better concessions and better restroom facilities.

Questions regarding general amenities for all age groups were also asked.

Question #8 – Do you believe tennis court(s) would be utilized?   YES = 31  NO = 69

Question #9 – Do you believe pickleball courts would be utilized?   YES = 60  NO = 37

Question #10 – Do you believe other attractions are needed within the park?  YES = 28  NO = 52

Other attractions listed were walking paths, disc golf, exercise equipment and an enclosed shelter facility.  Mr. Peebles said that some of the survey recommendations have been discussed as things that are needed.

“Once you, as Council members, have had a chance to digest these numbers, we need to talk again, maybe the next meeting, as to what you think needs to be done going forward,” he said.

Delta Community Pool

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