Village of Delta Moves Ahead with Annexation Plans

Following an executive session during the August 1st Delta Village Council meeting, Council members unanimously (6-0) approved the sending of a letter to officials of Pike Township, York Township, Pike-Delta-York School District and the Fulton County Commissioners regarding the annexation of property for the Nova Steel & Tube manufacturing facility and the property’s initial tax obligations.  The letter read as follows:

Recently, 11 out of 12 property owners representing approximately 538 acres, signed a petition requesting to be annexed to the Village of Delta.

Village Council recognizes economic development for this community has new challenges which are important to the continued growth and development of our village, school district, townships and county.

Respecting the position of all public agencies, we understand that new and additional revenues are needed.  With the anticipated approval of the annexation petition being considered, Delta Village Council is prepared to alter its position regarding the expansion of the pre 1994 Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) to address these concerns.

The Village of Delta will amend its pre 1994 CRA one last time incorporating the Nova Steel & Tube property, understanding this commitment was made during their search for a location.  The Village will create a new CRA under the post 1994 status for the properties requesting to be annexed.  Currently, this reduces the percentage of abatement that can be approved solely by the Village from 100% to 50%.  The Village also plans to extend the term of abatements for the post 1994 program from the current 10 years to the maximum allowable 15 years.

Please know that the Delta Village Council sincerely looks forward to partnering with each of your agencies as we all work toward the betterment and mutual benefit of our region.

Should there be questions, please address them to Village Council in writing so they can be reviewed, understood and appropriately responded to.

The letter was signed by Mayor Frank Wilton and Council President Mike Tanner.

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