Delta Village Council Approves Marijuana Ban on Third and Final Reading of Ordinance

By a vote of 4-2, the Delta Village Council approved Ordinance 22-09, Prohibiting the cultivation of marijuana; processing of medical marijuana; marijuana wholesalers; marijuana retailers; and “medical retail marijuana dispensaries” in the Village of Delta, Fulton County, Ohio, on the Third and Final Reading at tonight’s regularly scheduled meeting.

Language in the ordinance referred to the legal right of the Village to prohibit marijuana-related activities despite it being legal in the State of Ohio and stated, “The Council for the Village of Delta has reviewed the pros and cons of allowing these activities and finds it would be in the best interest of the Village of Delta and its inhabitants to prohibit such activities.”

The First Reading, on June 6th, was approved by a vote of 4-3, requiring Mayor Frank Wilton to cast a deciding vote when the Council deadlocked at 3-3.   When the vote was taken that evening, Council members Lynne Frank, Mike Tanner and Art Thomas voted “Yes” to allow the ban to become law.  Council members Ashley Todd, Tony Dawson and Chad Johnson voted “No” to oppose the ban.  

The vote on the Second Reading, taken on June 27th, was approved 3-2.  Councilman Johnson, who had voted against the ban, was absent from the proceedings.  The remaining Council members did not change their vote from the previous meeting with Ms. Frank, Mr. Tanner and Mr. Thomas voting for the ban and Ms. Todd and Mr. Dawson voting against.

All Council members were present tonight and only Mr. Johnson changed his vote, voting to approve the ban, resulting in the 4-2 final count.  When asked, after the meeting, why he changed his vote, Mr. Johnson cited, “Lack of support,” as his reason.

Before the vote was taken, Delta resident Rachel Nagel made an impassioned plea to the Council, asking for the legislation to be passed.  “Because my vote, which was in the 62.75 percent that voted against this (marijuana), was not heard loud enough, there was a need to come (forward),” said Ms. Nagel, referring to the results of the advisory issue that was on the ballot in May of this year.

Ms. Nagel reminded the Council members that of the 14 individuals who addressed them on this issue in previous meetings, 13 voiced their opposition to having any marijuana facilities within the Village limits.  She also said, that after contacting the Fulton County Auditor’s Office, the only tax money the Village would receive would come from the value of the property on which the proposed facility would sit.  Ms. Nagel concluded by saying, “I’m begging you guys to understand the repercussions now and in the future.”

Pictured:  Delta resident Rachel Nagel

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