Swanton Village Council Hires New Administrator, Votes to Remove Main Street Traffic Lights

Following a lengthy closed-door Executive Session, the Swanton Village Council voted 5-1 to hire Shannon E. Shulters as the new Village Administrator at an annual salary of $65,000, replacing current Administrator Rosanna Hoelzle, whose resignation becomes effective July 5, 2022.  Councilman Dave Pilliod made the motion for the hiring and voted to approve followed by yes votes from Council members Derek Kania, Patrick Messenger, Mikey Disbrow and Sam Disbrow.  Councilwoman Dianne Westhoven cast the lone dissenting vote.

Ms. Shulters’ employment will begin on July 11, 2022 and will be subject to the standard background check, drug screening and six-month probationary period.  To facilitate the transition, Council voted 6-0 to have Mayor Neil Toeppe and Finance Director Jason Vasko enter into negotiations with Ms. Hoelzle to remain employed by the Village on a part-time basis to work with Ms. Shulters.

Regarding the traffic lights at the intersection of Main and Church Streets, which have been malfunctioning for over a year now, it was reported in an earlier Council meeting that a safety assessment of that intersection determined there was not a need for traffic lights.  Council solicited a quote for repairs or removal for the lights which came in at $6,000 to repair and $1,500 to remove.

Ms. Westhoven reminded Council the lights were originally installed when Swanton High School and later Swanton Junior High School were located in close proximity to that intersection resulting in heavy student foot traffic.  That building, along with the foot traffic, has been gone for several years.  Council voted 5-1 to remove the traffic lights and place stop signs on the east and west side of the intersection.  Mr. Pilliod cast the lone dissenting vote.  The Village’s maintenance crew will remove the lights to save the $1,500 expense.  The traffic lights at the intersection of Main and Garfield Streets, which were also determined to be unnecessary, will remain in operation.

Council also voted unanimously to contract with Lammon Brothers Lawncare for the next three years to provide leaf collection at an annual cost of $26,800.  Councilman Disbrow recommended the Village look into the feasibility of purchasing and maintaining a leaf collection unit in the future.

The State of Ohio recently passed House Bill 172 which allows any person authorized to possess consumer grade fireworks to discharge, ignite or explode fireworks on their property, or if permitted, on another person’s property on certain designated days of the year.  The Bill also gives individual municipalities to opt out of the new law and disallow fireworks.  The Village Council took no action to opt out and fireworks will be allowed on private property.

The next meeting will take place on July 18, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. preceeded by the Committee of the Whole at 6:00 p.m. in the Village Council Chambers at 219 Chestnut Street.

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