Swanton Fireworks Location and Logistics Finalized

After being unable to use first, the grounds at Swanton High School and later, the grounds at Faith Lutheran Church on County Road H, the Village of Swanton has settled on a third and firm location to celebrate the 2022 Independence Day, with their annual spectacular fireworks display.  The event, considered one of the best in Northwest Ohio, will take place at Memorial Park with the launch area situated up on the hill in the parking lot close to the softball diamond.

For many years the fireworks were shot off on Swanton Schools property, however, some of the falling debris would land on the roof of the high schools, causing damage over time.  This damage was partially responsible for the roof needing to be recently replaced at a cost of $375,000.  To protect the new roof from further damage, school officials declined to host the event this year and going forward.

Faith Lutheran Church, with their new location and spacious property, offered to host the popular display.  However, after the Village accepted their gracious offer, the church’s grounds plans, which included a pollinator prairie and garden, were implemented which changed the fireworks’ launch location.  The American Fireworks Company reevaluated the new launch location and determined it did not meet the 350 feet distance from structures and advised the Village a to search for another site.

With little time to work with, the Swanton Village Administration along with the Fire Department and the Police Department began looking for a new site that would not only allow the fireworks to be shot off but also allow the public adequate parking and observation areas.  Many area businesses surrounding the park area were contacted and agreed to allow the public to park on their private lots.  Plan “C” is now in place for July 2, 2022 with the first launch scheduled to go off at dusk.

At tonight’s Village Council meeting, Mayor Neil Toeppe gave an update on the fireworks event.  He stated he understood the school’s position on wanting to protect their facilities and he thanked the members of Faith Lutheran Church for stepping up to host the event even though, ultimately, it did not work out.

“I cannot speak highly enough about the work that’s been done by the Fire Chief, the Police Chief, Public Services, the folks in the office in trying to arrange everything in finding a location, working with American Fireworks, talking to the vendors to find a proper location for water and electric hookup,” said Mr. Toeppe.  He also thanked Councilwoman Sam Disbrow for designing a map (below) showing parking and viewing locations in the Village.  More information will soon be posted on the Village’s Facebook page and website.

One comment

  • Angry Main St Resident

    It’s incredible they have absolutely no regard for the people who live in the houses on Main St they have decided to put toilets and hundreds of people essentially in their back yard with no concern how it effects them. I work from home during these hours and they have this crap right against my fence. What a total load of bullcrap. I hope it rains


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