Brewery and Coffee House Opens in Oak Openings Metropark

Oak Openings Preserve, the largest of Toledo’s Metroparks, is widely known for its miles of exciting and challenging bike trails, beautiful lakes, lodges and shelter houses, walking trails, horse trails and of course, the Cannaley Tree House Village.  After this weekend, you can now add the Heavy Wheelhouse (Beer) Brewery and Black Kite Coffee to its long list of activity and entertainment offerings.

As explained by Head Brewer and self-described “Risk Taker” Dave Alying, the “Heavy” in the name of the brewery was inspired by his attitude and mind-set when it came to taking the scary leap into a new business and career.  “Our mantra is ‘Heavy into It’.  Don’t go into something lightly.  If you’re going to do it, go all the way,” said Mr. Alying, who has 15 years of experience brewing beer.

A public park may seem like an unusual place for a brewery, but, by all accounts, it is a welcome addition to the uniqueness that is Oak Openings.  “This is a partnership between the Toledo Metroparks and Toledo Spirits,” said Mike Keedy, Director of Enterprise Development for the Metroparks.  “I’m working with Heavy to develop this establishment.  It is a collaboration between Heavy Brewing Company and Black Kite Coffee.  There will be coffee service in the morning and the beer is brewed right on his site.”

The facility is located on the Beach Ridge Bike Trail which comes off State Route 64 or 3520 Waterville-Swanton Road, just south of Airport Highway.  It is also conveniently located for guests staying in the Cannaley Tree House Village which sits a couple of hundred yards to the west, deeper in the woods.

Currently, the Heavy Wheelhouse is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.  They can be contacted by phone at 419-662-9521.

Click on the link above to access photos of the new brewery.


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