Delta Village Council Splits 3-3 on Proposed Marijuana Ban, Mayor Casts Deciding Vote

At tonight’s Delta Village Council meeting, Council members had to vote on the First Reading of Ordinance 22-09, Prohibiting the cultivation of marijuana; processing of medical marijuana; marijuana wholesalers; marijuana retailers; and “medical retail marijuana dispensaries” in the Village of Delta, Fulton County, Ohio.

Language in the ordinance referred to the legal right of the Village to prohibit marijuana-related activities despite medical marijuana being legal in the State of Ohio and stated, “The Council for the Village of Delta has reviewed the pros and cons of allowing these activities and finds it would be in the best interest of the Village of Delta and its inhabitants to prohibit such activities.”

This particular legislation came about after Delta resident Beth Thomas solicited Mayor Frank Wilton at the May 16th Council meeting to have it drafted by the Village Solicitor, Kevin Heban, and presented to Council after Delta residents voted 346-207 against allowing marijuana activities on an advisory ballot on May, 3, 2022. 

Prior to the vote on the ordinance, there was no discussion by Council.  When the vote was taken, Council members Lynne Frank, Mike Tanner and Art Thomas voted “Yes” to allow the ban to become law.  Council members Ashley Todd, Tony Dawson and Chad Johnson voted “No” to oppose the ban.  According to Delta’s Rules of Council, all tie votes are settled or decided by the Mayor.  Mayor Wilton then voted “Yes” and the First Reading passed. 

Two more readings with the same result will need to be passed followed by a 30-day waiting period before this ordinance can be enacted.  The next Council meeting, and the Second Reading, will take place on June 20, 2022, and a possible Third Reading will be July 11, 2022.


  • In the fall of 2021 the council decided they wanted the issue to go on the May ballot so the people they represent could decide using the democratic process. The people VOTED. The people said they do not want it in the village. One councilman said he won’t support the ban because his people didn’t get out and vote. Another councilwoman asked if the village could send out a poll!
    Mr. Tanner said while he would like the industry he respects the decision the VOTERS made!
    I am deeply concerned after attending this meeting that Ms. Todd, Mr. Dawson, and Mr. Johnson do not take the democratic process seriously.


  • Richard Maynhart

    Someone will just build it just outside the limits in the end. And Delta loses the revenue.


  • Would beg one to ask why the supporting council members and the mayor bothered to place the issue before the voters if they are now going to essentially thumb their noses at the voters and proceed down their own path, contrary to the decision expressed by the voters. Sad!!


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