Swanton Independence Day Fireworks Festival Moving Again

In late February of this year, the Village of Swanton announced the launch area of their annual fireworks display was being relocated from the grounds of Swanton High School to a field adjacent to the new Faith Lutheran Church on County Road H, on the west side of the Village.  The date was scheduled for July 2, 2022.  Parking, viewing areas and space for the food trucks would continue to be at the school. 

The reason given for the change was a new roof had just been placed on the high school and school officials were concerned about falling fireworks debris causing damage to the roof resulting in leaks.  Fireworks damage incurred over the years was one of the reasons the roof had to be replaced.

This week, however, it was determined the church property, which now includes gardens, does not have the required 350 feet of distance from the launch area which disqualifies the site from being used. The position of the Swanton Local School District on the issue did not change after a second request from the Village.

Village officials are now looking to place the launch site up on the hill at Memorial Park, in the area of Harding Fields, possibly on the softball diamond.  Food trucks and entertainment kiosks would be situated along the Park’s driveway, much like they are during the Swanton Corn Festival.  Village safety officials are working with representatives from the fireworks company on this proposed site.


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