Live Streaming Now a Reality for Swanton Village Council Meetings

One of the campaign promises made by all four Swanton Village Council candidates prior to last November’s election was to implement the live streaming of all Council meeting to bring transparency to Swanton’s local government. Mayor Neil Toeppe had strongly advocated to make it permanent after the Council was forced by the Ohio Revised Code to live stream meetings when pandemic mitigation guidelines did not allow them to be held in person in Council Chambers.

Relocating to a larger venue allowed the Council, as it was seated in 2021, to discontinue the practice and, subsequently, all requests by Mayor Toeppe and repeated pleas from members of the public to continue, were summarily rejected. Once the new Council was sworn in and seated for 2022, the live streaming issue was placed back on the agenda. Legislation was drafted, reviewed by the Village Solicitor, approved unanimously by Council and equipment was ordered.

After experiencing some supply chain issues, the equipment finally arrived and was installed. Tonight’s meeting, 5/9/22, was the first to be live streamed on the Village of Swanton Facebook page. Village Administrator Rosanna Hoelzle said there will be some bugs to work out but, overall, the process was smooth. Anyone may now watch future meetings in real time or, because the meetings are recorded, at their convenience. Recordings will remain on the Village’s website for 12 months.

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  • Richard Maynhart

    This is a big win for the taxpayers of Swanton. Progress comes slow at times but this wasn’t the case on video streaming. I applaud our council for their vision!

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