Loma Linda Bowlers Capture Thursday Night Mixed League Title at Swanton Sports Center

The Loma Linda Bowling Team finished the first half of the Swanton Sports Center’s 2021-2022 Thursday Night Mixed League with a first place 22-6 record and hung on to win the league title with a 37-19 overall record to beat out the Budhens who finished at 35-19.  Leading the Loma Linda foursome was Roger Frederick with season average score of 185, John Lauch averaged 184, Brian Stoup averaged 176 and Carl Warner averaged 171.

The top average league scores on the season went to Jon Myers with a 212.86 for the men and Alyssa Walberg with a 151.47 for the women.  Jerry Donaldson had the high scratch game for the men with a perfect 300 and Alyssa Walberg had a scratch 191 to lead the women.  Donaldson also had the highest scratch series with a 714 and Lisa Hilton topped the ladies with a 509-scratch series.

Pictured:  Champions – Carl Warner, Roger Frederick, Kathy Stoup (SUB) and Brian Stoup

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