Master Plan for Delta Community Park Recommended by Village Administrator

At the April 18th Delta Village Council meeting, Administrator Brad Peebles recommended to the Council that they begin to focus on a long-range master plan for the Community Park.  “I do believe, with regards to the park, I think we need to, as a Village, take a step back and develop a long-range plan for the park that not only looks at the pool itself but also looks at our other facilities,” he said. 

Mr. Peebles stated that this recommendation “tracked right along” to comments made earlier in the meeting by Delta resident Kyle Comers who had, among other things, expressed his concerns about the costs associated with a new pool, especially considering the short swimming season of two and one-half months.  “Spending that amount of money on a non-essential item, I just think is foolish,” stated Mr. Comers.

“The layout of the park, in a lot of regards, is not conducive in trying to keep things concise.  So, if there is common usage, for instance the concession facilitates, we have things spread all over the park so if anybody wants to use the concession facility hey have to walk halfway across town to get to it,” explained Mr. Peebles.  “I know it has been discussed in the past.  It was a desire of Mayor (Dan) Miller years ago to create a master plan that never came to fruition.  But I do think, given where we’re at today and the circumstances, it is prudent, even it takes a few months to do it and we miss the opportunity for being on the ballot in November this year, I think it’s a prudent move for us to facilitate a study, get public comments, have public meetings and then come up with a true reflective plan that supports the desires of the Village of Delta residents.”

In the previous Council meeting, Mr. Peebles spoke of the possibility of creating a Park District would encompass the entire Pike-Delta-York School District and spread out and lower the tax obligation on property owners for the pool project.  However, he said that option may not be viable for the park master plan and would need more research done by Kevin Heban, the Village Solicitor.

In Old Business, the Third and Final Reading of Resolution 22-06, authorizing the Village Administrator to execute a cooperative agreement with the Fulton County Landbank, Bunting Bearing Inc. and the Village of Delta for the transfer of property, environmental testing, remediation and redevelopment of the area was approved.

In New Business, the First reading of Ordinance 22-04, authorizing the Village Administrator to dispose of certain property not needed for any municipal property was also approved.

The next meeting will take place on May 2, 2022, at 5:30 PM in Memorial Hall.

One comment

  • why didn’t you think about fixing the pool when you closed it down during the pandemic Brad…..are the kids going to miss a year of swimming lessons again ????they already lost a great coach…..didn’t the town already vote on expences for the pool ??


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