Village of Swanton Narrows Search for New Fire Chief

The search to replace Swanton Fire Chief Anthony Shaffer who retired on March 19th of this year is still in progress, but a decision appears to be coming soon.  Initially, nine applications were received and that number was pared to five for the first round of interviews.  The interviews, lasting one hour each, were conducted by Mayor Neil Toeppe and Councilman Derek Kania.

“When you looked at the resumes from all these people you thought, ‘Man, everyone is really good.’  And when you interviewed them, they all had pretty good interviews,” said Mr. Toeppe.  From the list of five, three candidates were chosen for a second round of interviews, this time with Mayor Toeppe and the Fire Department’s command staff.  The second set of interviews allowed a back-and-forth exchange between the potential Fire Chief and several staff members under the Chief’s direct supervision.

Commenting on the candidates, Councilman Kania said, “Everyone in there was passionate about being a fire chief, passionate about their job and career at that point.  It was not easy when we made those cuts.  Ultimately, whoever we do select, if we select any of them, it will be a good fit.”

Mayor Toeppe informed Council that an executive session would follow the Council meeting and the Fire Chief issue would be discussed further.  Two possible outcomes from the session would be the recommendation of a candidate to become the new Fire Chief or to re-open the application process.  However, after the executive session was concluded, a formal decision had not been made.  Interim Fire Chief Chad Smith will continue in his role.

One comment

  • Chad Amith should return as chief. He’s compassionate with his staff and community. He knows what he’s doing for the good of the department. He has written grants to obtain new fire trucks and apparatus. He is worth the salary he requests. You will not find a better man for the position of Swanton Fire Chief. Ask his staff. Ask the community.


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