Military Appreciation Day Celebrated in Fashion in Delta

Last Thursday was Military Appreciation Day and the varsity baseball teams of Delta and Swanton High Schools paid tribute to all six branches of the United States of America’s military, the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy and Space Force.

To honor the day, the Delta Panthers hosted the Swanton Bulldogs in an NWOAL contest with both teams wearing special customized jerseys bearing the emblem of each branch on the upper back of the uniform.  The jerseys were supplied by the 180th Fighter Wing (180FW) of the Ohio Air National Guard stationed at the Toledo Air National Guard Base which sits directly across the runway from Toledo Express Airport.

To commemorate the event, the 180FW sent a unit to present the colors of the flag during the National Anthem.  A special feature of the ceremony came when the battery for the first pitch was composed of two recently retired Chief Master Sergeants, Greg Chonko of Swanton, who threw the pitch and John Gibson of Delta who caught the ball behind the plate.  Both men served America in uniform for over 30 years, eventually retiring in 2022 from the 180FW.

For those keeping score at home, the Bulldogs won the game 5-1.

Pictured:  Chief Master Sergeants Greg Chonko and John Gibson

Click on the link above to access photos from the ceremony. Photos are in the jpeg format to allow for editing and can be downloaded for no charge courtesy of the website.

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