Delta Community Pool Estimated Replacement Costs Rise to 5.1 Million Dollars

Village Administrator Brad Peebles informed Council members at their April 4th meeting that an updated cost estimation for replacement of the Delta Community Pool had risen to $5.1 million from an earlier $4.5 million estimate.  Mr. Peebles made a reference to this possibility during the Council’s final meeting of 2021.

“Unfortunately, the anticipated costs just continue to escalate.  In large part it’s just because of the economic conditions we are currently in.  Even if we wait, I don’t know if the costs are going to come down.  All indications are the costs are elevated and they’re going to remain elevated,” he cautioned last December.

Mr. Peebles related cost information he received in a phone conversation with the engineering firm of Peterman Associates.  “Their estimates have been updated based their conversations with a pool manufacturer.  Based upon the amenities that we had discussed with Peterman and the fact that we are retaining the competition component of the pool, the current estimate for the building and the bathhouse and a pool is 5.1 million dollars,” he explained.  “If we eliminate diving boards, if we eliminate the rock-climbing wall which was one of the amenities or features that we had tried to incorporate, we can also reduce the depth of the pool, we can reduce it to $4.5 million.”

Bond funding information for the pool project was also updated by Mr. Peebles.  “When we had talked before, we were looking at bonds rates, interest rates of 3% for a 20-year term.  Interest rates are going up.  In today’s market, interest rate on a 20-year bond is 4.5% and there is no guarantee it’s going to stay there,” he said.

From there the discussion turned to the legislation and ballot language which would need to be submitted to and approved by the Fulton County Board of Elections by August 3, 2022 to be considered by the voters of Delta for the November election.  According to Mr. Peebles, if the Village were to request a 20-year 4.5-million-dollar bond issue it would take 6.2 mils to support it.  He also said the new pool would require an additional 1.0 mil for operating expenses on top of the 1.25 mil already in existence for pool maintenance. 

The Village of Delta’s November 2022 ballot would include two pool funding issues totaling 7.2 mils which, according to Delta’s Financial Director Stephanie Mossing, would equate to approximately $265 per $100,000 of Village property value.  Currently, one mil in Delta generates approximately $56,000 in annual tax revenue.

Another source of funding, the creation of a Park District, was mentioned by Mr. Peebles.  “I do think the conversation with regards to a Park District needs to be had.  In looking at those same numbers, if we were to apply a Park District to the same geographical boundary as the Pike-Delta-York School system, that levy goes to 1.72 mils,” he explained. 

The Administrator went on to support his recommendation by informing the Council that less than 50% of all pool passes issued each year are to residents of the Village and numbers were similar for the use of the ball fields and other Community Park activities.  “I’m not saying they shouldn’t be entitled to it but, others are using the park and the Village residents are, ultimately, paying the majority of the bills,” he stated.

The Park District would be its own taxing entity and be managed by a coalition of representatives from the different areas of the PDY School District.

Pictured:  Delta Village Administrator Brad Peebles provides new pool details at December 2021 Council meeting.

One comment

  • A pool is not a necessity. We are taxed to death out here. Enough is enough. People can’t afford gas but let’s throw money around on projects from which we will never recoup the money.


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