Swanton School Board Meets New Head Football Coach

At the March meeting of the Swanton Board of Education (BOE), Superintendent Chris Lake introduced Eric Keller as the Bulldog’s new head football coach.  Coach Keller is an alum of Swanton High School and has an extensive high school coaching background in both football and track.  His football coaching resume includes 15 years as the head coach at Sylvania Northview and many years as an assistant at Northview, Rossford and, for the past two years, here at Swanton.  Mr. Keller recently retired after 36 years of teaching high school science but still occasionally teaches as a substitute.

“Two weeks ago,” was the response Coach Keller gave when asked when the next football would begin.  He has started weight training session for athletes not involved in baseball or track.  “They have to get used to my style and the way I run the weight room and they way I run the program,” said Keller.  “Once the Spring sports are over and the summer starts, I’m looking for that buy-in and to get the community and everyone on board.”

The Bulldog football program is looking to bounce back from several lean years, including a 0-10 record in 2021 but Coach Keller is enthusiastic and optimistic about the future.  “I’m really excited about our coaches.  Having done this so long and knowing myself, I’m really confident with what I’m doing and I think I’m pretty good working with kids,” he said.

Pictured: New Swanton Head Football Coach Eric Keller

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