Village of Delta Moves to Redevelop Bunting Bearing Property

The Delta Village Council unanimously approved the First Reading of Resolution 22-06, authorizing the Village Administrator to enter into a cooperative agreement with the Fulton County Land Bank, Bunting Bearing Inc. and the Village of Delta for the transfer of property, environmental testing, remediation and redevelopment of the Van Buren Street properties.  The company has relocated it’s Delta operations to their manufacturing facility in Holland, Ohio.

Village Administrator Brad Peebles informed Council members that his office had worked out the majority of the details with the Fulton County Commissioners and Fulton County Land Bank for the use of state funds to acquire the property, demolish the existing structure, clean up the grounds and prepare it for resale.

“The intent and the thought process for future use of the area would be to make apartments in that area and possibly even incorporate land to the north of that as a larger area for redevelopment,” explained Mr. Peebles.  “In that agreement, the Village is responsible for compensating Bunting Bearing to the tune of $250,000 over a three-year term for a portion of their relocation expenses.  In turn, they will donate the property to the Land Bank.  When it is tested and remediated, the property will be sold, at which time the Village will recoup a portion of their funds.”

Mr. Peebles also said that the Village will retain all scrap value from the demolition of the buildings which is estimated will be between $50,000 and $80,000 when it becomes available in approximately 12 to 18 months and it maybe another year before it is ready to redevelop.  According to Ohio law, because the property will be owned by the Land Bank, the Village may purchase it without have to engage in a bidding competition.

In the Administrator’s Report, it was stated that a letter is being prepared to send to all residents of Delta letting them know the Village plans to focus this year on alley conditions and zoning issues that are noticed while traveling these alleys.  Overgrown bushes and shrubs along these alleys will be addressed as well as such things as trailers and vehicles being parked along and within the alley right-of-way.

Bids were received for the repaving of North Madison Street from Main Street to Fernwood Street.  The lowest bid came in at $50,000 compared to an estimated cost of $75,000 and a budgeted amount of $100,000.  The project is due to be complete by July 31, 2022.

The Village was recently approached by several individuals asking for consideration to allow a multi-congregational “Worship in the Street” event in a field close to the Delta Police Station.  The event would take place on September 24, 2022 from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and include bands and children’s activities.  No alcohol would be allowed.

In other news.  The Utility Billing Clerk identified a significant water leak within the Wastewater Plant property with the metering indicating a loss of 181,000 cubic feet or 1,375,000 gallons.  Crews were sent to identify and repair the leak.

Pictured:  Delta’s Bunting Bearing property.


  • Garry Chamberlin

    Mr. O’Connell, just wanted to thank you for your efforts in reporting on the activities of the Delta Village Council and other points of interest to the Delta and Swanton areas. Since we no longer have a local newspaper, your reporting helps fill the void. Also, your reporting on local High School sporting events is too, greatly appreciated. The photos of the athletic events that you take and share are outstanding. Gives us grandparents a great source of photos of our athletes in action. Please keep up your photographic efforts and reporting. All are greatly appreciated!!


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