Delta Village Council Discusses Marijuana-Business Letter from PDY Superintendent

At last night’s Village Council meeting in Delta, the Council members briefly discussed a letter sent to Village Administrator Brad Peebles from the Superintendent of Pike-Delta-York Local School District, Dr. Ted Haselman, regarding a potential medical marijuana (MMU) business locating within the Village limits.  The letter, dated February 23, 2022, read as follows:

Dear Mr. Peebles:

This letter is written on behalf of the Pike-Delta-York Local School District Board of Education. At the February 22, 2022 Board of Education meeting, board members conducted a discussion about the Village of Delta’s marijuana initiative, and specifically a document labeled “Ballot Initiative” provided to me around the end of October 2021 by Mayor Wilton.

This document states the Village of Delta will share the licensing/renewal fee paid to the Village by the marijuana businesses with the Pike-Delta-York Local School District. The Board takes issue with the Village’s unauthorized use of the Pike-Delta-York Local School District’s name and unexpected attempt to tie the District to the Village’s initiative.

The Board is expressing their wishes to the Village of Delta to not use the District’s name or any reference to the school district in your initiative.  Additionally, the Board is in agreement they would not accept the marijuana money as the use of this money “for drug education and awareness for student population,” as stated in the initiative, seems extremely hypocritical. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to my office.

During previous Council meetings, in 2021, where the MMU issue was debated, Mr. Peebles stated that an annual licensing fee of $1M could be applied to any company operating an MMU business.  He suggested that the fee could be evenly split, $500,000 each, between the Village and PDY Schools with the stipulation that $100,000 of the school’s share would be used for substance abuse education for students.

Responding to Dr. Haselman’s letter, Mr. Peebles, recognizing that the school was “adamantly opposed to it” and Village Law Director Kevin Heban said the ballot language regarding the MMU issue has been finalized and there was no mention of PDY Schools or any associated licensing fees.  The ballot language for the issue in the May 3, 2022, election reads as follows:  ADVISORY QUESTION – Shall the Village allow the cultivation, processing and/or wholesaling, retailing, and dispensing of medicinal marijuana in the Village of Delta.  Voters may select “YES” or “NO” or choose neither.

According to officials at the Fulton County Board of Elections, the purpose of the issue being labeled as an Advisory Question is to determine the Village’s next step in the process based on the outcome of the vote.  If there is a higher percentage of “YES” votes, more legislation will be required and, possibly, another issue placed on the ballot if the Village decides to pursue it.

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