Swanton Hires New Village Solicitor

An Emergency Ordinance to appoint a new Village attorney was unanimously approved Monday night by the Swanton Village Council.  As stated in the Ordinance, that Kent Murphree, of the law firm Heban, Murphree and Lewandowski (of Rossford) be retained as Village Solicitor in all matters pertaining to the business and affairs of the Village of Swanton, for the period of March 1, 2022, until December 31, 2023.

The compensation payable to the Solicitor will be billable by the hour in the amount of $120 for partners, $100 for associates and $50 for paralegal time.  Mr. Murphree replaces Allan Lehenbaur of the McQuades law firm of Swanton, who resigned from the position in January to take a similar position with the City of Maumee.  Mr. Lehenbaur was on a $1,000 per month retainer in addition to his billable hours.

Where Mr. Lehenbaur was required to attend all regular and special Council meetings as well as executive sessions, Council has elected to use Mr. Murphree’s services only when required.  Also, with Council meetings soon to be live streamed, Mr. Murphree will occasionally be able to attend remotely, eliminating some travel expense charges to the Village.

Pictured:  Kent Murphree, Swanton Village Solicitor

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