Village of Swanton Announces Fireworks Date and New Launch Location

At Monday night’s Swanton Village Council meeting, Administrator Rosanna Hoelzle informed Council that the date for the 2022 Independence Day Fireworks event would be July 2, 2022. A major change in the launch area was also announced. The fireworks display will be set off from the property of the new Faith Lutheran Church on Dodge Street/County Road H. The grounds and parking areas at Swanton High School will still be made available for viewing. More details will be announced at a later date.

One comment

  • I dont like the new location for the fireworks. People who live in the village can easily see the fireworks from their own yard when they are set off at the school. This will negatively affect family parties for those in the village by having to stop and leave everything at the party location and find rides for all guests. This will cause more traffic and confusion for our out of town guests. There you have my 2 cents worth 🙄


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