Swanton Student Wins Major Scholarship

Carson Santchi, a Senior at Swanton High School, was recently informed he had won the Bowling Green State University (BGSU) Presidential Scholarship which will provide full tuition for the next four years. 

There were over 1,000 applications for the BGSU Honors Program for the 2022-2023 academic year and only 300 were accepted.  From there, Carson was invited to a two-day, Friday and Saturday, event at the university to compete for various scholarships.

Day one was a presentation and a meet and greet session with other students, alumni, professors and past scholarship winners.  On day two, Carson and about 100 other high school students were selected to be interviewed by a three-person panel.  The following Monday, he received a call from one of the presentation speakers that he had won the prestigious scholarship.

As a student at Swanton, Carson has been a four-year member of the Marching Bulldogs and is currently on the Swanton Bowling Team.  He is currently undecided as to what area of study he will pursue.  Congratulations to Carson Santchi.

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