Swanton Village Council Organizes for 2022

Following the swearing in of recently elected Council members Derek Kania, Patrick Messenger, Mikey Disbrow and Samantha Disbrow, the Swanton Village Council began the process of assigning members to the four Village Standing Committees and establishing the overall leadership structure.

The first order of business was to elect the President Pro-Temp of Council, the individual who will assume the duties and responsibilities of the mayor in the mayor’s absence.  Councilman Dave Pilliod nominated Councilwoman Diane Westhoven.  The nomination was seconded and Ms. Westhoven was elected with five votes in favor and her abstention.

It was also established that the Council will follow the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) and name the mayor as President of the Council, a return to this practice that had been abandoned the past two years by previous Council.  In this position the mayor, currently Neil Toeppe, will chair the Committee of the Whole.  The mayor will also return as “ex-officio” of the Village Standing committees, a position where the mayor will be allowed to give input but will not have a vote on committee decisions.

The four Village Standing Committees, definitions and assigned Council members are as follows:

Finance Committee – Village Council serves as the primary authority over the expenditure of public dollars and possesses the power of the purse in the Village of Swanton.  The Committee addresses matters pertaining to budget and capital improvement plan legislation while conducting oversight on the use of funds by the administration and developing policies to guide the Village.  The Committee also meets as needed throughout the year to consider legislation referred to it by the Council including any proposed changes to the budget and other Finance related topics.  Finance Committee members are Diane Westhoven, Derek Kania and Patrick Messenger.

Water and Sewer Committee – Addresses matters pertaining to the Water Treatment Plant, Water Distribution System, Water Resource Recovery Facility, Wastewater Collection System and the Storm Water Drainage System.  Water and Sewer Committee members are Dave Pilliod, Mikey Disbrow and Patrick Messenger.

Public Safety Committee – Addresses matters which affect the safety and welfare of the citizens of the Village of Swanton such as crime prevention, fire response, disaster preparedness and traffic management.  Public Safety Committee members are Samantha Disbrow, Derek Kania and Diane Westhoven.

Public Service Committee – Addresses matters which affect the functions pertaining to public parks, public places, public buildings, public playgrounds, streets, alleys, waste collection and disposal.  Public Service Committee members are Mikey Disbrow, Samantha Disbrow and Dave Pilliod.

Chairs for each of the Committees will be chosen at their first official meeting.  The Council also chose Village Administrator Rosanna Hoelzle to represent the Village on the Fulton County Regional Planning Commission.  Ms. Hoelzle is the current representative on the Commission and serves as its Vice-President.

The next Council meeting will take place on January 24, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. in the Swanton Municipal Building at 219 Chestnut Street.

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