Just My Opinion – The First Year for fultoncountymedia.com

We are all familiar with the old adage, “When one door closes, another door opens”.  This wise proverb was my first thought when the Village Reporter, a weekly newspaper that covers Fulton and Williams Counties, unceremoniously informed me that my freelance services, articles and photographs, were no longer required.  I believe the owner capitulated to complaints from certain members of the Swanton Village Council with regards to my coverage of the Council meetings which detailed their decisions for the Village.  Apparently, my disseminating the truth to the general public had become a problem for them.

When that door slammed shut in late November of 2020, I began to work on finding another door to open so I could continue to cover village council and school board meetings while also photographing Fulton County high school sports and other local events and writing occasional human-interest articles related to the community. 

That other door turned out to be the fultoncountymedia.com website and blog.  I began FCM one year ago and it has allowed me to resume my journalistic coverage of our community with several added benefits. 

I can choose to report on only what I think others would like to read and what I believe is important they should be made aware of.  The photographs from any event I choose to cover, sports, festivals, fairs, plays and others, are edited, placed into a Google Photos file and made available on-line to anyone at no cost. 

On a more personal level, another new benefit was the opportunity to write editorialized pieces, similar this one.  These opinion pieces contained facts and what I believed them to mean and what impact I thought they had or may have our community. Obviously, not everyone agreed or will always agree with my opinions. My articles will remain the same, straightforward, listing facts and quotes without any added commentary.

I am convinced my removal from the pages of the Village Reporter were intended to silence my voice.  However, one of the items I found waiting for me when I opened the other door was a “bullhorn”.  It was the ultimate backfire.  When the deadline passed for filing a petition for election to the Swanton Village Council, the names of the four members of that Council, whose seats were up for re-election, were nowhere to be found.

I would like to thank everyone who has chosen to follow my blog and website in 2021 and hope to welcome more of you in 2022 as I cover as many Fulton County events as I can.  There is no charge to follow it and you will not be inundated with any advertising.  You will be sent an email every time there is a posting.  Have a safe and Happy New Year.


Bill O’Connell

One comment

  • William J Pilliod

    I subscribed to the Village Reporter because of you. When you were let go, I did not renew. Keep up the good work!!


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