Delta Marijuana Legislation Amended by Village Council, Vaccine Mandate Discussed

Law Director Kevin Heban informed Council members last Monday evening that Ordinance 21-21, directing the preparation and filing of ballot language addressing the issue of approving medical marijuana cultivation, processing and dispensing within the Village of Delta was being amended at the recommendation of the Fulton County Board of Elections.  “It seems the substance has not been amended but we’ve inserted the ballot language that’s actually going to appear on the ballot of this amended ordinance.  The Board of Elections has accepted it so it will go on for the public vote in May,” explained Mr. Heban.

In discussions before the Council vote on the ordinance, Councilman Chad Johnson asked if there were any opinions on the phrasing of medical marijuana versus medicinal marijuana.  “When I think of medical, I think of supplies and equipment,” said Mr. Johnson.  “But this is medicinal.  Were using it as medicine.  Unless we’re referring to the card.  I can see where that’s a medical card.”

There was further discussion on the distinction between the two marijuana terms and Mr. Heban told Council the change would require a second amendment of the ordinance but would not delay the process to meet the deadline to place it on the ballot.  The Council voted in favor of both amendments.

Mr. Johnson, speaking as the Chair of the Safety Committee, expressed his concerns about a possible vaccine mandate being imposed on companies with 100 or more employees and the impact it could have on the Village.  “It scares me to think what’s next to come for people that will resist it.  As a community, if there is anything that we can do to stop this from happening we should,” he said.  “I understand the we can at least put a resolution in place that says, ‘It’s not going to happen here,’ but it doesn’t hold any weight as far as the law is concerned.  You can’t supersede state law or federal law.  But it would send a message.”  Mr. Heban said because it was a general law, the Village would not be allowed to deviate from it.  The Council could, however, pass a resolution expressing their opinion on the law that would be sent to the state legislature and the Federal government.

Mr. Peebles also reported that the Village had been awarded $1,000,037 from the Build America Program of the Biden Administration.  “I don’t know if we will be in line for additional revenues as it pertains to the water tower project that we also made an application for,” he said.  Mayor Frank Wilton asked Mr. Peebles when the project might start.  Mr. Peebles said the design of the project is done but it had to be approved by the City of Toledo and the EPA but as already approved by the Fulton County Commissioners.  He expects legislation will be ready to be voted on by the next Council meeting.

Village Administrator Brad Peebles related details of a Village employee meeting, held on December 8th, regarding paid employee holidays and a new holiday approved by the Federal government.  “It was a unanimous consent that we would give up Presidents Day and then recognize Martin Luther King Day,” said Mr. Peebles.  The employees have also requested to exchange Columbus Day for Good Friday and a full day on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

The next Council meeting will take place on January 3, 2022 at 5:30 PM at Memorial Hall.

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