Delta Village Council Hears New Public Pool Update

At the final Delta Village Council meeting of 2021, Village Administrator Brad Peebles gave an update on the potentially new Delta Community Pool.  There were several schematic renderings of the pool on display for Council’s review as Mr. Peebles provided some detail on what the new facility would offer.

“With amenities, you’re going to see umbrellas, slides.  There will be an entirely new bathhouse because trying to adapt and reuse the existing bathhouse was not feasible.  It’s more cost effective to demolish it and start over,” said Mr. Peebles.  Other possible amenities could include a splash pad style attraction, water shower stations, a dual rock-climbing wall and a lily pad walk with an overhead balancing net.  He also explained that the entrance to the pool and the layout would differ from the current pool to give better access to existing water and sewer lines and avoid conflicts with other infrastructures in the park.

Mr. Peebles addressed the changes in the estimated costs of the project.  “Unfortunately, the anticipated costs just continue to escalate.  In large part it’s just because of the economic conditions we are currently in,” he said.  “Even if we wait, I don’t know if the costs are going to come down.  All indications are the costs are elevated and they’re going to remain elevated.  We’re anticipating if you were to try and construct that pool with the amenities as we currently have it, we’re between 4.5 and 5.0 million dollars.  Plus, we have another cost for demolishing the old pool and having it removed.”

From the Administrator’s Report:  To fund the pool project, it is estimated the Village will need a $4.5M bond issue at 3% interest for a period of 20 years which will require a levy for 5.75 mils per year on the November 2022 ballot.  A $5.0M bond issue would require a levy of 6.4 mils per year. 

Should the ballot issue fail, it will be placed on the 2023 election.  This would push the re-opening to 2024 at a minimum.  A new pool will require revenues to operate in staffing and maintenance costs.  It is estimated we would need an additional 1.0 to 1.25 mil levy for operations.  Should the levy request fail, and the direction be to close the pool, funds will be required for its closure and removal estimated at $200,000 to $250,000.

Pictured:  Administrator Brad Peebles presents new pool amenities to Council

One comment

  • Total BS…if we can’t afford the price tag at this time, then take care of what we already pay taxes for. Leave it open….stop spending money to only find the way to permanently close it; this is what Mr. Peebles and the administration have wanted all along: What a load of BS…..


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