Delta’s Marijuana Ballot Legislation Passes on First Reading, Search Committee Formed to Find Replacement for Village Administrator

At the Monday, December 6th meeting, The Delta Village Council voted unanimously (6-0) to approve the First Reading of Ordinance 21-21.  The heading of the Ordinance reads, “An ordinance directing the administration to prepare and file with the Fulton County Board of Elections ballot language to be placed on the ballot for the General Election to be conducted May 3, 2022, approving the cultivation, processing and/or wholesaling, retailing and dispensing of medical marijuana under certain terms and conditions in the Village of Delta, Fulton County, Ohio.”

Language contained within the body of the Ordinance states, “WHEREAS, following the presentation by individuals and organizations from the Village opposing this issue, Council has determined it is in the best interest of the community to allow the issue to be placed before the voting public of Delta at the next general election which shall be May 3, 2022.”

Full approval will require the passing of two more readings, one each at the next two Council meetings.

Later in the meeting, Mayor Frank Wilton announced the formation of a committee to conduct a search for a new Village Administrator.  The committee will be comprised of Councilmembers Ashley Todd, Michael Tanner and Art Thomas.  Current Administrator Brad Peebles has expressed his intent to retire sometime this summer, possibly in June or July.

In other legislation news, the Third and Final reading of Ordinance 21-17, establishing salaries and wages for employees of the Village of Delta was approved 6-0.  Emergency Ordinance 21-20, to supplement Ordinance 20-30 to make supplemental appropriations for the current expenses of the Village of Delta for the Fiscal Year ending December 31, 2021 was approved 6-0. 

The First Reading of Resolution 21-21, authorizing the Village Administrator to advertise for bids and enter into a contract for the Capital Improvement Projects in 2022 also passed 6-0.  There will be three projects to be bid.  “It would be the intent to bid these projects as soon after the first of the year as possible with the anticipation and hope we’ll get the best pricing going into the early construction season,” said Mr. Peebles.  “These projects consist of the resurfacing of Madison Street from Main to Fernwood, the construction of public parking at 200 W. Main Street and also the West Main Street Beautification Wall at W. Main and Main.”

The Council also discussed the potential for expanding the capacity of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  With the recent EPA requirement to treat storm water the Delta plant is operating close to, at or over capacity, especially during heavy storms with large rainfall amounts.  Mr. Peebles informed Council that the EPA requires any municipality’s plant operating at or above 80% capacity look into sewer expansion.

Currently, Mr. Peebles is obtaining engineering quotes for expansion and, with the President Biden’s administration expected to issue significant grant funds directed at water and sewer projects.  “It is our belief that if we are engineered ready to build before those dollars are released, we stand a better chance of obtaining grant assistance to build a plant expansion,” he stated. An increased capacity of 250,000 gallons per day is estimated to cost $5,000,000.

The next Council meeting will be held on December 20, 2021 at 5:30 PM in Memorial Hall.

Pictured:  Delta Village Administrator Brad Peebles

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