Making A Fresh Start After a Major Setback

Written and Contributed By: Jennifer Scott from

Sometimes, moving to a new city is the best cure for overcoming a low point in life. It allows you to recalibrate, refocus, and reemerge better, stronger, and more mentally and emotionally healthy. The first step is identifying a place that will feel like home, and then putting a plan of action in place to bring the move to reality.

Starting Over

While there is an old saying that you can’t run away from your problems, sometimes getting physical distance can give you a fresh start in a way that is healthy, productive, and rewarding. Give careful consideration to where you’ll move. There will be practical things to consider, such as employment opportunities, affordable housing, and getting into an environment that feels right for your personal needs. Perhaps climate and cost-of-living are important to you, or maybe there’s an area you’ve always wanted to be. Narrow the search by taking an online relocation quiz and then visit your top picks in person before making a commitment to move.

Finding Housing

The first step in getting settled into a new community is to find a home to buy or rent. Depending on whether you’re relocating with yourself or moving with family, friends, or pets, you might choose between an apartment, condo, townhouse, or single-family property. If you’re not quite sure what area of a city you might find most appealing, according to, you might want to start out with a short-term rental or vacation property as a way to get yourself settled and situated. That leaves you time to explore different areas of your new city to determine what feels like the best place for a more permanent residence. A qualified local real estate agent can help you with this process.

Making The Move

While some people pack every single belonging when they move to a new home, others make a clean break or decide that it costs more to transport furniture and personal items than to replace them in the new city. Whichever approach you take, keep important personal papers with you, as well as things like medication and basic necessities. Once you get settled, you’ll want to hook up utilities, identify services like healthcare providers, favorite retailers, and even opportunities for socializing as a way to help you get firmly established and situated in your new home. This allows you to start building a sense of community and a feeling of belonging.

Identify Service Providers

You probably had a list of service providers you counted on in your previous location, and it’s time to build a new list in your new home. While you can certainly ask for recommendations and read community forums for ideas, it’s important that any service providers you hire are licensed and insured professionals. For example, if you decide to make a list of home fix-it professionals, like a reliable plumber in the event you have a clogged pipe, blocked toilet, or flooding situation, you can search online for “local plumbers near me.” The typical cost for plumbing services is $45 to $150 an hour. Other pros might include HVAC service providers, landscapers, and a mechanic.

Getting fully integrated into your new community may take a bit of time, but you can speed the process by joining local community and civic organizations, a faith community, social clubs, and organizations, or even business associations connected with your professional life. The local Chamber of Commerce is an excellent source community information.  Keep in mind, getting reacclimated after a tough stretch of life requires a great deal of self-care and patience. According to House Beautiful, give yourself time to adjust to a new environment so you can thrive and flourish.

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