Village of Swanton to Regulate Mobile Food Trucks

With the increased presence of mobile food trucks within the corporate limits of the Village of Swanton, the Public Safety Committee of the Village Council is recommending that legislation be drafted to establish a set of rules and guidelines to be followed.  Currently, there is no local ordinance that Village officials can refer to when food truck vendors inquire what to follow before setting up business in Swanton.

The legislation would include registration as a means to ensure the food truck(s) have a Health Department License, fire inspection as well as registering with the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA).  Locations where food trucks can operate may also be included.

Village Administrator Rosanna Hoelzle has contacted several local communities regarding this type of legislation and has received information from Archbold and Perrysburg which both have instituted regulations for food trucks.  “Hopefully, down the road, we’ll have some kind of language in place,” said Councilwoman Kathy Kreuz.  “We don’t want to discourage them from coming into town.  They seem to be quite popular.”

Pictured:  LuLu Fare Food Truck owned by Heather Williams

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