Village of Swanton to Start “Snow Angel” Program

At last night’s Swanton Village Council meeting, Village Administrator Rosanna Hoelzle recommended implementing a “Snow Angel” program which was supported by the Village Council. Below are the details they will soon be publicizing.

Village of Swanton Snow Angel Program

Every winter, people across the Village pull out their shovels and stock up on salt. However, there are a number of people who cannot remove the snow, from their driveways or sidewalks on their own. For them, the snow and ice-filled winter months can be challenging which is where Snow Angels come in.  Starting winter of 2021, the Village of Swanton would like to connect volunteers with, individuals who live within the Village of Swanton and may need some extra help clearing snow such as senior citizens and those with disabilities.

What are Snow Angels?

Anyone living in or around the Village of Swanton can become eligible to become a Snow Angel. Snow Angels volunteer to help at least one resident for the full winter season to shovel sidewalks and driveways upon need. 

Snow and Ice Removal: It’s the Law

Property owners have a responsibility to keep their property safe and free of snow and ice. In the Village, snow and ice must be cleared within 24 hours, but not everyone is physical capable of making sure that happens.  If you’ve ever thought about volunteering, Snow Angels is a great opportunity to help our neighbors in need and help keep everyone safe. 

Requirements to be a Snow Angel

·Old enough to be responsible to the individuals you have volunteered to help.

·Good health with physical ability to shovel snow.

·Have your own snow shovel or snow clearing equipment and transportation

·On call availability (we do understand you may not be available at all times).

What to Do if Interested to #ServeSwanton as a Snow Angel

More information can be received by contacting the Village of Swanton by calling (419) 826-9515 or by emailing Volunteers will be matched to the best of our abilities to ensure the easiest and safest winter for everyone.

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