Village of Delta Sees Increase in Population According to 2020 Federal Census

The Village of Delta recently received official notification of the results of the 2020 Federal Census from Frank LaRose, Ohio Secretary of State.  According to the 2020 Census, the population of Delta is 3,316 which is an increase of 213 residents, or 6.86%, since the 2010 Federal Census.

In his Administrator’s Report at the October 4th Council meeting, Brad Peebles related a discussion with Police Chief Nathan Harstock regarding the impound facility that was created at the wastewater plant. Chief Harstock indicated the department has not had the need to impound any vehicles since the facility was created.  It was determined the current location could serve the needs of the Village without additional investment and, if a larger facility is needed in the future, there is more than adequate space at the Madison Street property.

Another issue involving the Delta Police Department is the leaky roof at the station.  Bids were received from Roof Ohio and Damschroder Roofing.  Ohio Roof submitted the lower bid and said it could finish the project sometime this year despite the shortage of insulation mmaterials. 

Mr. Peebles also reported that the Street Department was forced to run shorthanded when three of the four employees tested positive with COVID.  Water plant personnel assisted the Street Department as needed.

In legislation, Emergency Resolution #21-19, agreeing to alternative plan of apportionment of local government funds for the Village of Delta was approved.  The Village agreed to accept the sum of $78, 610.75 as determined by the Fulton County Budget Commission.

The Third and Final Reading of Ordinance #21-12, eliminating parking on Main Street between Wood Street and Madison Street was approved.

With Pelton Drive residents in attendance, Mr. Peebles explained the Village is still searching for the cause of recent sewer backups into homes on that street.  “We did excavate the connection from Pelton Drive to the main which were good.  We cameraed that.  We found nothing.  We cameraed the Donaldson’s connection into their home.  All looks good.  We have not found anything to cause the problem,” he said. 

“We are doing more camering downstream this week to see if we have other resrictions that could be causing problems.  But I can’t tell you we have found anything that would cause the backup like we experienced other than the massive amount of rain that we received.” 

The next meeting will take place on Monday, October 18, 2021 at 5:30 PM in Memorial Hall.

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