SMS Eight Graders Display Soft Skills in “Amazing Shake” Competition

Unable to hold the Amazing Shake competition as part of the Swanton Seven Initiative (SSI) program for last year’s seventh graders due to COVID-19 safety protocols, Swanton Middle School (SMS) held the competition last Friday for the now eighth-grade students.

The SSI is a program, now in its fourth year, that focuses on building soft skills in students, placing strong emphasis on manners, discipline, respect, and professional behavior. The Amazing Shake is a competition designed to put what the students have learned to the test.  To demonstrate these skills, students worked their way through “The Gauntlet.” There were eleven stations in “The Gauntlet” and at every station each student was met by a local professional from the world of business, government or industry who would grade the students’ abilities and award points based on their knowledge, abilities and performance.  Each student had to show great poise and confidence in personal interactions as well as exhibit effective management skills.

The eleven stations were as follows:  Interview Alley, Conversation Circle, Know the News, Dining Drive, Appointment Alley, Shark Tank, Candid Interviews, McNeill Sell Car, Dress to Impress, Know the Photo and Customer Service Situation.

This eight-grade class, which will be in the high school graduating class of 2026, will be the first group of students to complete the SSI program from start (fifth-grade) to finish.  Another Amazing Shake competition will take place for this year’s seventh-grade class sometime in March of 2022 putting the program back on schedule.

Click on the Google Photos link below to access and view all photos from the competition. Photos may also be downloaded.

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