Mikael Stiles Named as Superintendent of Swanton’s WRRF

The following has been reprinted from the Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) Report submitted to the Swanton Village Council at the September 13, 2021 Council meeting.

Mikael Stiles took over Superintendent of WRRF in full capacity as of August 25th, and has been operating as Interim Superintendent/Backup Operator since July 26th.  Mikael Stiles was added as ORC (Operator of Record) of the Collections System, and Steve Geise was removed as ORC of the Swanton WRRF and Collections System.  Mikael Stiles, Joe Slawiniski, and Brice Nemire have been operating WRRF since July 26th.  EPA has been kept apprised of the change in administration and operation of the WRRF.

Pictured:  Mikael Stiles

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