Swanton Middle School Holds House Reveal for SSI


Last Friday morning the Swanton Middle School (SMS) kicked off its fourth year of the Swanton Seven Initiative (SSI) by holding its House Reveal event at Hansbarger Stadium.  Swanton Seven Initiative (SSI) is a program implemented by SMS Principal Matt Smith and the SMS staff three years ago to teach vital “soft skills” that are used every day in professional work environments and situations.  To help create a more competitive atmosphere and encourage learning, students are placed in one of four “houses”.  Each house is made up of students from all four SMS grades.

The House Reveal event places all incoming fifth-graders and all new SMS students in either the House of DIGNITAS (Black), GRATUS (Gray), OBDURO (White) or SAPENTIA (Purple).  Each student was individually introduced and given a color-corresponding t-shirt by a welcoming committee of students currently in the respective house.  Special SSI events will take place throughout the school year and the students will be expected to wear their house shirt.

Click on the link above to access photos from the event.  All photos are in the jpeg format to allow for editing and can be downloaded to a computer for no charge.

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