Delta Village Council Hears Concerns from Residents

A special meeting of the Delta Village Council was held on August 30, 2021 due to the regularly scheduled meeting falling on Monday, September 6, 2021, the Labor Day holiday.  As in all Delta Council meetings, members of the public in attendance were given an opportunity to address the Council.

Delta resident Milton Ruble of 416 Main Street, spoke first and voiced his opposition to a proposed ordinance to eliminate parking on Main Street between Wood Street and Madison Street, which would affect the parking in front of his home.  Ordinance 21-12, was proposed by Village Administrator Brad Peebles because of safety concerns with individuals exiting their vehicles into the lane of traffic mostly during business hours.  Pointing out that most of parking is done by residents who have to conduct business with the Village that only takes a very short time, Mr. Peebles proposed using parking spots on the west side of Municipal Hall or the parking lot directly across Wood Street to alleviate the safety concerns.

Mr. Ruble said he saw no reason to change the parking and it would cause a problem for residents renting apartments on that section of Main Street.  He suggested that part of the problem is caused by motorists running through red traffic lights and speeding and that a stronger law enforcement presence would help the issue.

When the Ordinance was presented for the First Reading, other options were discussed such limiting the “No Parking” to business hours or to include only the north side of the street adjacent to Memorial Hall.  Council eventually voted to table the issue until the other options could be thoroughly investigated.

Rob McSurly of Pelton Drive spoke next and related concerns about a water sewer problem he and other residents have been experiencing.  Mr. McSurly said recent heavy rains resulted in a storm sewer system backup causing a situation where he described, “In our homes, in our basements, as the rain came down, water was literally gushing out of our drains in our floors, shower drains, like a geyser.”  Another resident living in the same area, Carol Donaldson told the Council her basement was having the same issues.  Both residents said the problem seems to have started within the last year.

Mr. Peebles responded saying he had spoken with many of the families on Pelton Drive and that the sewer line there was scheduled to be inspected with a camera in two days.  “I’ve got to believe there is something plugging the storm lines,” he said.  “If there is something there that we can actually fix (blockage, crack), we’ll fix it.  If it’s a matter of just being undersized, that’s a whole different issue to be addressed.”

Pictured:  Main Street resident Milton Ruble

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