Fulton County (Ohio) Media – fultoncountymedia.com

This website, was launched in January of 2021 with the expressed goal of bringing news, editorials, feature articles, human interest stories and photography of events related to Fulton County to on-line viewers.  The events include Council meetings, school board meetings, sports articles and photography from all seven Fulton County school districts as well as festivals, fairs and other celebrations in our towns and villages.

All articles will be written based on facts.  Editorials will be based on facts and opinions given on what those fact mean to the community.  Obviously, not all readers will agree with all opinions expressed by the author.

If you would like to follow this website, go to fultoncountymedia.com and enter your email address.  You will be sent a notification after every posting.  There is NO CHARGE to sign up and follow this website.

All event photographs are placed into an individual Google Photos file and a link is created for easy access.  The photos are in the jpeg format to allow for editing.  Currently, there are over 100 event photo files containing over 28,000 photographs.  All photos can be viewed and downloaded for FREE.  In fact, there will be nothing for sale on this website.

To find postings on the website you will need to open MENU/BLOG or just BLOG depending which screen you open first.  In the BLOG you can page down to find past events or articles.

If you know anyone who may be interested in this site please let them know. Thank you.

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