Erin Shaffer Recognized by Swanton BOE

The first new item on the agenda of the Swanton Board of Education (BOE) at their August meeting was the presentation of a Board Commendation to Erin Shaffer for her efforts in running the District’s Summer Connecting Meals to Kids Program.  Helped by two of her sons, Ms. Shaffer’s job was to manage all food inventories and coordinate all related activities to ensure students received breakfast and lunch at two different locations during the summer vacation period.

Her work on the program was part of an internship she was doing as part of a Masters degree requirement.  “She did it all for us,” said Superintendent Chris Lake.  “We’re very grateful.  We appreciate everything you did for the kids this summer and thank you so much,”

Mr. Lake gave his Priority Report which focused on a COVID-19 mitigation plan agreed upon by Swanton Local Schools and the other six school districts in Fulton County.  It read, in full, “On August 5, 2021 the seven school districts in Fulton County released their Common Opening Agreement in conjunction with the Fulton County Health Department. This plan outlines the mitigation measures that each district will take to keep our schools open for in person instruction five days a week. The plan mirrors in many ways the one that was put in place last year and was used to great success. The biggest difference between this plan and the one from a year ago is the change in mask requirements. This year masks will be strongly recommended for any unvaccinated person who enters our buildings. We are also strongly encouraging anyone who is eligible to receive the vaccine to do so. Being vaccinated will keep an individual from having to quarantine due to an exposure to COVID-19. Masking for unvaccinated individuals will also prevent them from having to quarantine. Each district will still be required to report positive COVID cases to the Fulton County Health Department and the health department will make the final determination on any possible quarantines.”

Swanton Middle School (SMS) Principal Matt Smith reported the SMS will continue to focus on our Swanton 7 Initiative as and plan to hold their annual “boot camp” to teach the expectations of SMS and get the new students ready to join a house. All new students, staff, and 5th graders will be placed into a house on Sept 10th.

Swanton Elementary School (SES) Principal Kristi Molter informed the BOE the SES theme this year is Jungle safari and we are “Wild About Learning!” as we venture into the school year to explore new trails! We will incorporate this theme with decor, recognition, lessons, culture, activities and events.

Pictured:  Swanton BOE Vice-President Ben Remer and Erin Shaffer

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