Delta Village Council to Challenge ODNR Mandate for Lower Reservoir Inundation Study, Parking Change on Main Street

At the August 16th Delta Village Council meeting, Administrator Brad Peebles informed the Council that he had received a letter, earlier that day, from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) instructing the Village to perform an inundation study of the Lower Reservoir at the Water Treatment Plant on County Road H. 

According to the United States Bureau of Reclamation, an inundation study is used for a variety of purposes in planning and design for proposed dams and for planning and upgrade of existing dams. Typical applications include downstream hazard classification, inundation mapping for use in developing Emergency Action Plans, mitigation planning and aid in the selection of design/performance levels for repairs or modifications to existing dams. Currently, there is a previous request from the ODNR for the same type of study for the Upper Reservoir.

“They are calling the Lower Reservoir a ‘dam’ and we are going to challenge that.  It’s something that’s never been done here that we can find or document.  If it has been they are going to have to provide us with that documentation,” said Mr. Peebles.  “To be very candid, I believe part of what is happening is there is so much federal money floating around out there for Emergency Action Plans and reaction because of COVID that these state agencies are trying to capitalize on that.  That’s my interpretation from reading between the lines and talking to these people.”

Mr. Peebles went on to say that if the additional study has to be done it could be “piggy-backed” on to the study for the Upper Reservoir but it would still involve some expense.  He also said he would be able to provide more information once he has had a chance to communicate with the ODNR.

Council also discussed eliminating the parking spots on Main Street directly in front of Memorial Hall for safety concerns.  The spots have not been re-marked since the recent resurfacing was completed at the request of Mr. Peebles.  He explained that, typically, the only people who utilize those spots are ones dropping off utility payments and who tend to be Delta’s “older clientele” who prefer to pay in person and may be the most vulnerable when they step out of their vehicles alongside the Main Street traffic.

In conversations with Police Chief Nathan Hartsock, the possibility of moving those spots to the west side of the building in front of the garage where the handicap spot is already located seemed like a much safer location and has access doors available said Mr. Peebles. Council agreed and legislation for the change along with signage will be drafted.

In other legislative action, the Third and Final Reading of Resolution 21-11, authorizing the Village Administrator to enter into an agreement with DGL Consulting Engineers to survey and design a downtown entrance feature on West Main Street was approved.

The First and Final Reading of Emergency Resolution 21-14, authorizing the Village Administrator to submit applications for water and wastewater grant funds being administered by the State of Ohio, Department of Development was approved.

The First Reading of Resolution 21-15 authorizing the Village Administrator to enter into an agreement with Peterman and Associates for a preliminary layout, evaluation of existing facilities and cost estimates for the replacement of the public pool within Delta Community Park also passed.

With the first Monday of September falling on Labor Day, a special Village Council meeting will be held on August 30, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. in Memorial Hall.

Pictured: New Official Village of Delta Seal

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