Swanton Village Council Hears Water Resource recovery Facility Master Plan Presentation

A Master Plan Presentation of detailed findings of an investigation of Swanton’s Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) was presented to the Village Council during their August 9th meeting by representative of Fishbeck, a firm of Engineers, Architects, Scientists and Constructors.  An overview of the scope of the investigation showed that The Village owns and operates a collection system consisting of approximately 34,000 lineal feet of combined sewers with 135 manholes as well as approximately 106,000 lineal feet of sanitary sewer with 452 manholes. The collection system directs combined and sanitary sewage to the WRRF, which utilizes two biological treatment processes to treat a maximum of 2.76 million gallons per day (MGD) prior to discharge to Ai Creek.  The original WRRF was constructed in 1956 with major expansions taking place in 1972 and 2010.

The reason for the investigation was explained in the Introduction of a 57-page report provided to the Village.  The Introduction stated, in part:  In July of 2020, the Village of Swanton (Village) solicited proposals for professional engineering services to assist the Village with implementation of influent screening improvements. During the solicitation process the Village determined that a broader investigation of the Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) was warranted. As such, the Village elected to prepare a Master Plan for the WRRF. This report provides the requested master planning for the facility.  The Master Plan for the WRRF was developed based on the following tasks:  Data Collection and Review, Staff Interviews, Condition Evaluation and Alternatives Development.

The report recommended upgrades that could take place, mainly within five years but also out as far as 50 years.  The Five-Year Improvement Plan would include:  Screening/Headworks Improvements, Stormwater Retention Lagoon Refurbishment and LC-2 Replacement, Phosphorus Removal Building Eyewash Station, Concrete Restoration and Power Distribution, LC-5 Tertiary Building and Chlorine Contact Tank, LC-6 Primary Tanks and Digester, LC-7 and LC-8 Chemical and Control Buildings. 

The estimated cost for the Five-Year plan is $11,683,745 with approximately 50% of the total coming very early in the project.  Funding options were discussed and Village Administrator Rosanna Hoelzle will be applying for grants through Fulton County and the State of Ohio.  The Village will also be expected to cover a portion of the overall costs. No decision was made on whether to implement some or all of the recommended upgrades or when the project might begin.

Pictured:  Swanton Waster Water Treatment Plant

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