Swancreek Township Resident Addresses Delta Village Council Regarding Flooding Issues

Kim Newborn, who lives with her husband on the east side of County Road 6-2, adjacent to the Southwood Falls subdivision within the Delta corporation limits, spoke before the Village Council during their first August meeting about flooding on her property due to recent construction on Glacier Lane in the subdivision. 

Ms. Newborn contends that the builder, Keith Marchs, built a home on top of a storm drain on Lot #4 and did not compensate for the change in water flow by rerouting the water with proper drainage.  “We did contact Keith and he said, ‘No one would say that this is my fault,’ and hung up on us,” related Ms. Newborn. 

According to Ms. Newborn, the lack of drainage created flooding on Lot #6 which those home owners partially alleviated by adding 12” of fill dirt to their property.  “That’s when our yard started to flood,” she explained and said that her neighbors planned to add more dirt until the flooding stopped completely.

Village Administrator Brad Peebles then interjected to address the issue.  “I am very well aware of this.  Mr. Marchs has been sent a letter.  He has been given a time frame to respond.  His time frame is up this week,” he said.  “I’ve spoken with Keith.  I concur with you that he believes that he is not obligated.  At that point the law director and I will address it with him.  He is obligated.  He is required to fix it.  With regards to the buried catch basin, there is nothing that says he can’t reconnect those low spots to it.  It’s very much accessible.  It’s very much fixable.  We need to push Mr. Marchs to do it and we plan to.”  Mr. Peebles did say that the Village would pursue the issue and it might involve the legal system.

In legislative news, the Third and Final Reading of Resolution 21-09, authorizing the Village Administrator to enter into an agreement with the State of Ohio Department of Natural (ODNR) for a cooperative fishing agreement was approved.  The Third and Final Reading of Resolution 21-10, declaring it necessary to renew an existing levy for the police department pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) sections 5705.19(H) and 5705.25 requesting the auditor to certify the amount of revenue to be generated by the proposed levy was also approved.

Emergency Resolution 21-12, establishing Fund 207, was passed.  Due to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, Public Law 117-2 that was signed into law by the President of the United States on March 11, 2021 it is required the Fund be established specifically for the management of funds the Village of Delta receives from the Ohio of Budget and management.

Stated in Mr. Peeble’s Administrator’s Report, the Village retained the services of Aqua Line to perform a leak evaluation of the entire Village to investigate unmetered water loss.  Aqua Line found seven leaks with four of those considered to be major and accounting for 1,100,000 lost gallons per month in total.  The leaks are being scheduled for repair with the most significant leaks addressed first.  The Palmwood leak is in the center of the street and will require excavation of the pavement.

The next Council meeting will be on August 16, 2021 at 5:30 PM in Memorial Hall.

Pictured:  Kim Newborn addresses Council members concerning flooded property

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