Delta Village Council Discusses Study for Potential Community Pool Replacement and Splash Pad

A preliminary study for a new Delta community pool along with a splash pad, which would be performed by the engineering design firm of Peterman Associates, Inc. was discussed by the Village Council during their August 2nd meeting Monday evening.  The scope of the work, as listed in the proposal from Peterman, would include a site layout, a floorplan for the bath house, an elevation view of a new bath house, an estimate of the probable cost including design and construction, and an estimate of the probable demolition cost.  An evaluation of the existing facility and its potential for reuse would also be included.  The fee quoted in the proposal was $19,750.

Village Administrator Brad Peebles informed Council that Peterman Associates is authorized to perform work for the Village and had performed a similar study for the municipal pool in the city of Napoleon.  “It’s (Napoleon pool) a very nice facility and from all the measurements and data, that layout would basically almost drop on our site.  You could virtually take that layout and put it on our physical site where the pool is currently,” explained Mr. Peebles.  “From a planning perspective, it gives us a tool that has already been designed and developed that we could work from to create the budgeting and the planning we may need.”

Mr. Peebles also said legislation enacted by Council for the study would be required to “educate and inform” the public so the community would know what would be involved.  He inferred the study would better identify the overall costs associated with the project and would give the Village a much accurate number to present to the community in the way of a bond issue or levy.

Another point of consideration Mr. Peebles expressed to the Council was the time required to complete the project for a new pool which would begin with the demolition of the existing facility.  “We’ve also talked to Astro Pools.  Astro Pools is the company that built the Napoleon facility.  They also built the Wauseon facility,” he said.  “There is a strong likelihood that, even if you had this on the May ballot, you may not be having a pool until the 2024 season if it went forward.  Just because of timing and everything associated with getting it approved and built.”

Councilman Art Thomas asked if funding for the study could come from the levy that was recently passed to operate the pool.  Mr. Peebles said he believed that would be allowed and that money would later be reimbursed.  Council members will now consider to go ahead with the study and have Mr. Peebles draft the required legislation or have more discussion.

Pictured:  Delta Community Pool

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