Swanton Ballfield Usage Guidelines Discussed by Council

Scheduling guidelines, priorities and fees related to the usage of baseball and softball fields and the tennis/pickleball courts at Memorial Park were discussed at the July 19th Village Council meeting.  “This is to create a more organized way for organizations to request the usage of the ball diamonds as well as the tennis and pickleball court,” explained Village Administrator Rosanna Hoelzle.  “It is explicitly stated that Swanton Varsity Athletics and Swanton Recreation Program would be first in line at no cost.  There would be no fees associated with their usage of the facilities.”

Ms. Hoelzle stated there would be no fees for any practices or any non-tournament games but there would be a cost for tournament games.  “We don’t get a lot of tournaments but the intent would be to try to entice people to come and have a tournament that would bring a lot of people to the community which would be really great,” she said.  “The fee structure is $25 dollars per field per day.  We’re not looking at charging a tremendous amount of money for an individual to rent a field but it would allow a little bit of revenue to come in to ensure for cleanup.”

Provisions have been established for the reservation and use of the sports facilities.  Reservations must be made through the Village Office (419-826-9515) 30 days in advance for practices and non-tournament games. 

Pictured:  Ballfields on the Upper Level at Memorial Park

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