Memorial Park Playground Options Presented to Swanton Village Council

At the final June Swanton Village Council meeting, Village Administrator Rosanna Hoelzle presented Council three differently configured playground options that would be included in the Memorial Park Master Plan upgrade.  Ms. Hoelzle and Village Finance Director Jennifer Harkey have been working with DWA Recreation Works on playground equipment and layouts that will replace the equipment currently in Memorial Park.

“One of the things we really wanted to ensure that we encompass was the ability for all ages to enjoy it.  That was, for me, the most important.  I want anybody and everybody to be able to use this park, whether you have a disability, whether you’re in a wheelchair, whatever.” remarked Ms. Hoelzle.  “You will be able to come and enjoy ‘your’ park.”

There will be two separate sections for the playground equipment, a larger area for the older children and a smaller area for the younger children.  The overall area encompassing the playground equipment will be more condensed than the current layout, a security measure allowing parents and guardians to simultaneously stay within close proximity to both age groups.

The Village is conducting a public survey to assess what option the community prefers.  The survey can be found on the Village’s website under ‘Announcements’.  Based on which option is ultimately chosen, the estimated cost of the larger section will be $150,000 TO $175,000 and the small section will range between $40,000 and $50,000.  The project is expected to be completed sometime in 2022 following the completion of the drainage project slated for the northwest flood-prone portion of the park.

Pictured:  Swanton Village Administrator presents Memorial Park playground options to Council.

One comment

  • I do not live in the village. I get no say but I wanted to thank you for thinking of special needs people. Our children group up physically but still enjoy things that young people do. Swinging is one of these activities. While my special needs person doesn’t need a wheelchair 100% of the time I know people that both children and adults that do. I would love 💗 to see a wheelchair swing. Keep on doing the great job you do


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