Delta Village Council Begins Process to Replace Aging Water Tower and Address Animal Ordinance

The Second Reading of Ordinance 21-09, authorizing the Village Administrator to make an application for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) grant/loan funds for the construction of a water tower to replace an existing structure determined to have a life expectancy of five years or less was unanimously approved by the Village Council.   The water tower in question is located south of Main Street, on Helvetia Street and has an estimated total project cost of $2,500,000.

Village Administrator Brad Peebles proposed scheduling a Rules and Ordinances Committee meeting to the Council to potentially amend an ordinance.  “This is to discuss proposed legislation for addressing animals, as we’ve discussed, whether they be chickens, pot-bellied pigs or whatever,” said Mr. Peebles.  “Mr. Heban (Law Director) has proposed a modification to our codified ordinances but, we need to review it before going to a full Council meeting.”  It was decided to hold the Committee meeting immediately following the next Council meeting on July 12, 2021.

Mr. Peebles also informed Council that approximately 8500 linear feet of already deteriorating curbs on Main Street were destroyed during the recent milling and repaving project.  Initially, the Village was hoping to make curb replacement as part of the project but were unable to secure a contractor to do the work.  The curb replacement project is expected to take place withing the next couple of years at an estimated cost of $200,000.

Council approved the Third and final Reading of Ordinance 21-08, establishing weight limits on any dedicated alley within the Village of Delta.  The ordinance will amend Section 339.02 of the Codified Ordinances to include Subsection (d), “No person shall, operate a vehicle or combination of vehicles with a gross weight of five (5) tons upon any alley within the Village except when such operation is required to facilitate business within the Village, which shall require a permit as identified within subsection (b) of this Section addressing streets.”  The goal of this ordinance is to control the access of heavy vehicles and avoid undue damage to alleys within the Village.

Also approved was the First Reading of Resolution 21-07 which will allow the Village Administrator to execute an agreement employing contractual services of Jones and Henry Engineers LTD, to complete the design and cost estimates for a sanitary sewer extension east from State Route 109 to Nova Steel & Tube, serving an additional area along County Road H and State Route 109 at a proposed cost of $67,600 plus incidental expenses.

Taylor Excavating has replaced approximately 100 feet of 8-inch sanitary line along Maplewood Ave at Wilson Street that collapsed.  Fulton County Engineers office has been onsite with a contractor to begin repairs and maintenance to the eroding banks of Bad Creek along the north boundary of the Greenlawn Cemetery.  This project is expected to take a couple of years to complete as work can only be performed with low flow levels in the stream.

Pictured:  Aging water tower on Helvetia Street

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