Just My Opinion – Swanton Citizens Stepping Up

What option do you have when your concerns, brought to the attention to your local elected officials are ignored, your voice left to fall on deaf ears, your vested interests in the community dismissed without consideration?  You move forward and raise your cause to the next level by stepping up and becoming more involved.

Frustrated by the Swanton Village Council’s blatant lack of support for economic development, transparency in government and many other Swanton-enhancing initiatives, a large and growing group of Swanton residents and business owners are stepping up to bring positive changes to the growth-inhibiting decision making of the current Council members.  To enact these changes, they will be using the most powerful tools available in our democratic tool box.  The ballot and the vote.

On this November’s ballot, four Council seats will be up for election.   Craig Rose, Mike Rochelle, Kathy Kruez and Tony Stuart currently occupy those seats.  Four Swanton residents, Derek Kania, Mikey Disbrow, Patrick Messenger and Sam Disbrow have been soliciting for petition signatures and plan to run for those seats.

Additionally, there are two other petitions, being circulated by John Schmidt, to place two ordinances on the ballot for the consideration of Swanton voters.  One ordinance calls for the live-streaming of all Council meetings which will allow everyone access to the meetings in real time or whatever time is convenient for the viewer.  In other words, full transparency as allowed by law.

The other ordinance will allow for the creation of an all-volunteer Economic Development Commission which would work towards attracting new businesses and business growth to Swanton to increase the tax base and reduce the tax burden on the residents.  Voting on these ordinances will let the people decide on two issues the Village Council has voted against several times.

Many people live in the Swanton area or the Swanton Local School District but not within the Village limits and therefore, cannot vote on Village issues.  However, they can support the candidates and other ballot measures by working on campaigns, carrying the message or contributing financially to the cause.  Change will happen if we step up.

Pictured:  Swanton resident and registered voter Amy Spurgeon signs petitions for candidates and ordinances.

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