Village of Swanton Reverses Decision on Downtown Façade Enhancement Program Applications

Earlier this year, owners of six downtown Swanton buildings, submitted applications to the Village of Swanton’s Downtown Façade Enhancement Program (DFEP), which would be, as explained on the Village’s website, “A 50% reimbursement of expenses directly related to qualifying building improvements, to front facades, of properties within the downtown target area up to a match of $10,000.”

All six applications were rejected with an explanation given by DFEP Committee member Kevin Young.  “After reviewing them, the consensus was that they were all maintenance related, not enhancement related.  And it didn’t really meet what we’re intending and wanting for the program to achieve,” said Mr. Young.

Since that time, the applicants and the DFEP Committee met in person to discuss the intent of the program and what requirements the Committee was looking for.  They also discussed how the words “enhancement”, “improvements” and “maintenance” were interpreted by the applicants and the Committee.   It was determined the wording on the application had some flaws and it would be modified for future applications.

Ultimately, all applications were reconsidered and accepted.  Village Administrator Rosanna Hoelzle sent a letter to the six applicants which stated “Congratulations on this selection; we believe this project will continue the momentum of downtown development.”

Pictured:  Parapet wall restoration project in progress at Benfield Wines on Main Street

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